I was the young person who in my final year of school, wrote in my yearbook that I wanted to be a cook/chef. No lofty aspirations of becoming a lawyer or captain of industry (it was that kind of school). A humble cook is what I wanted to be. And that is what I continue to be and more. I am a cookbook author, recipe developer, private cook and caterer who has been running cooking classes (both face to face and virtually) for longer than I care to admit!

2021 will be the school’s 8th year of operation and my 18th year of teaching cooking and so yes, I did obviously start teaching when I was 12 years old (not!) 😊

I have qualifications in cooking, gastronomy and hospitality and have a passion for producing food which is not only delicious but also easy to make at home. Complicated recipes can make for “interesting” TV but kind of put people off actually wanting to cook.

Cooking for me is about having a willingness to learn, to experiment (well, within reason, no pickles with chocolate thanks!)  and to use cooking as a form of self-care. Cooking for yourself and others is nurturing, confidence and self-esteem boosting and some of the best meals are homely, humble and delicious. I see my work as done if ultimately you want to cook.

Like all of us, I wear many hats and my other life is working in the Performing Arts industry. I have also worked in Film & TV, have travelled extensively, have lived overseas and I collect Art, reading glasses, old cookbooks (I need some therapy re this) and anything Japanese.

Come and join a class – I would love to see you!



Classes are run from my kitchen in Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains (approx. 90 mins from Sydney). They are a great way to spend a few hours getting away from it all (even when you are in your own kitchen during a virtual class), meeting new people and sharing the experience of creating a meal together.

In the face to face classes, the kitchen is purpose-built for cooking demonstrations but if you would like some hands-on involvement, then we offer that, too! I teach attendees about cooking techniques, ingredients and provide recipe hints and tips along the way. At all of the classes, we sit down and enjoy the dishes we have made, so people never leave the class hungry!


Face to face classes are held in a beautiful Wentworth Falls house (circa 1910) which is set on an acre of gardens and orchard. Originally built as a guest-house, the house has all the splendor of its original era, combined with the comfort of modern times.

The demonstration kitchen is the perfect setting for the relaxed observation of a cooking class, but if you feel like day-dreaming, just glance out the window to see our sweeping pines and blossoming fruit trees.

In the virtual classes, I teach from my kitchen and “join” you in your kitchen as we cook up a storm together.